Time is the creepiest factor for you as a student when you have to write an essay. There is a time in a year that you have to finish one essay less than one day due to another task or some exams. The best suggestion is to start your day with the task and make it as a challenge so you will rush your adrenaline to finish your essay. Although your adrenaline is rushing, it is best to keep yourself calm so you can think clearly.

After accepting it as a challenge, you can arrange your schedule what to do next. In the schedule, you have to set your time when you need to finish in arranging the essay’s structure, writing an introduction, and drawing the conclusion. Once you have done this, get away from your activities and friends because they can be a distraction. Keep in your mind that you must accomplish your essay in twelve hours.

Do not forget to include some breaks because you want to keep yourself productive. The breaking time will help you to refresh your mind so you can return to your essay with some fresh ideas. Remember that you have to stay away from the social media during your break because the social media can influence your mood or even mess up your mind. The breaking time can also help you to relax your eyes from continuously staring at the computer screen.

From the schedule, you can see when you have to finish on picking the best titles and subtitles from the essay requirements. Then, you can generate some ideas from those titles. It is suggested you generate some ideas that you already know or familiar about. Avoid any provocative topic that needs a deep research because you only have a very short time to finish your essay.

You have to use all your knowledge related to the familiar topic. If it is necessary, you can enrich your knowledge by checking your books again or browsing the similar topics from the available online journals or blogs. During this moment, write down all necessary information that you can gather and then arrange them later into a nice structure.

In the middle of writing, you have to check the word limitation to make sure that you write based on the requirements and the idea of your essay is clear. After obtaining your needs, pick the best ideas from your draft and develop them into a good paragraph. In the end, you will get your essay right on-time.

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