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Writing essay

Essay is a form of academic writing you compose, about a particular topic. It is written in prose, mostly five to fifteen pages long.

  • Types of essays
    Cause and effect essay

This type of essay explains the cause and effect of something.

Comparison essay

When writing a comparison essay, you are required to give similarities and differences of two things.

Argumentative or persuasive essay

This kind of essay states your own opinion about something and it’s supported with evidence to convince the reader.

Expository or explanatory essay

You are expected to explain and analyze something when writing this kind of essay.

Before writing an essay, preparation is always important in order to produce excellent work.

  • Essay preparation
  • Choose topic

Choose an appropriate topic in accordance to the question.

Essay category

Determine the type of essay you are going to write according to the question.

Gathering data

Assemble all sources of information you will require.

Essay plan

Outline your essay plan.

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Essay structure

Essay paper has three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion.


You are first required to introduce the topic to the reader briefly. Always start with a strong thesis statement to catch your reader’s attention. You can also use question, a provocative quotation and a dramatic example in introduction.

Explain all your thoughts in this part. Give your points in paragraphs, starting with a topic sentence. Always use passive voice and appropriate transitional words.


Give summary of your introduction and body then make a prediction. Give solutions and resolutions relating to the topic.